One Year Anniversary FUE Hair Transplant Follow Up

” One year ago TODAY, my hair transplant surgery was complete!  It has been a wonderful ride and I want to personally thank Dr. Vories for changing my image and certainly changing the way I feel about my appearance!  So many people immediately notice and say I look so much younger!  Today, I’m including a recent picture of me and Michele and one taken over a year ago!  I think you will notice quite a difference! ” …Johnny Casper

Johnny and his wife Michele before and 1 year latter.

Johnny and his wife Michele before and 1 year latter.

Back in Sept. 2012 school teacher Johnny Casper began an adventure to restore his lost hair. For over 20 years he had watched his hairline recede until there was no hair line at all. Today 9 monthsJonny had a 5000 graft FUE hair transplant procedure by Dr. Michael Vories,  Johnny now has a full attractive head of hair. Below are three angles of his previous hair loss and his new look.




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