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Carolina Hair Surgery
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 by Henry
Good experience!

Had 2000 FUE procedure for mainly the frontal area. Dr Vories and his team were very professional and took a lot of care making sure I was comfortable and at ease, it is the next day afterwards and I have minimal pain or discomfort, have only taken Ibuprofen as recommended. Hopeful that my results in a few months will be great! So far so god!

 by Bernard Arnold
Very satisfied

Excellent. Attention to detail.

 by Greg Crawford
Thank You

Thanks. Extremely happy with the outcome here. Just a great job and it's so nice to no longer carry around that concern of trying to cover that rat nest up. Would 10 outta 10 do it again and will absolutely recommend your team to anyone interested (even with the face swelling that made me into a Steven King character) 😉

 by Anonymous
Well worth the price of admission....

All in all, I was very uneasy going into this's no small amount of commitment on a financial or general awkwardness / self conscious POV during recovery etc. However, I will say, 6 months post a 3000 FUE transplantation......all my concerns have been far surpassed by the amazing job done by Dr. Vories and his team. The transplanted grafts have completely come in, I feel 15 years younger, and my general self-consciousness about my thinning / receding hair prior has evaporated into thin air (along with my daily baseball caps to cover up said lack of hair).

I will say this.....I think one needs to be prepared for a bit of a worst case scenario in the first few weeks post op.....if it's better than expected, at least you have only anticipated the down side. I may have been a one off case but I will say the first 2 weeks were fairly intense in terms of pain / swelling / recovery. However, I ALWAYS anticipated that, as I knew I was going in for a major surgery, and Dr Vories and his team were super helpful the entire time. I think it'd be foolish for anyone to not have that mindset going in (depending on your # of transplants), with the upside of not encountering anything major issues. Regardless, after 4 weeks, you're pretty much on your way to a full, happy growth of hair. I would happily revisit any / all discomfort in that first month of recovery for the results I sit with today.

Long way of saying, couldn't be happier with my procedure, regardless of the journey. I'm happier, more confident and know it's only going to get better from here. The best part of it all is no one, outside of the few I told, no one has really even realize I've had the surgery.....which is the best compliment I can give Dr. Vories and his team.

 by Tom
Extremely pleased

I had 5,000 FUE’s 16 months ago over 2 days transplanted to the crown and frontal areas of my scalp. I am extremely pleased with the results and have gotten many compliments. I did not tell many people I did this so the usual comment is something like I like the way you are wearing your hair now, or you look much younger! I had no side effects, and just experienced the normal post operative stages those first few days and weeks that Dr. Vories outlined in detail ahead of time. I am in my 60’s, so it worked great for me! Wish I could have done this 30 yrs ago! Haha!

 by Larry Conley
True Hair Artist

I underwent 4000 FUE transplant 2 weeks ago. Hair is taking root and pattern is perfect. Procedure was seamless and staff was very accommodating. Dr. Vories explained every step perfectly. Absolutely no regrets.

 by Jess Williams
Work of Art!

Hey guys- just wanted to take a moment and say thanks. I feel like Dr. Vories treated my head like his own art work and took great pride in it. Thank you.

 by GeorgeO
So Far Really Good!

I had my 2000 FUE surgery three weeks ago and just went back today for my first follow-up with Dr Vories. Transplanted hair has all taken root and the donor hair area is all growing back. Dr Vories did remind me that the transplanted hair will go through a shedding phase and most will fall out, but do not be alarmed as this is natural. No one has seen me since the procedure so if it does fall out no one will know the diff!! :). I highly, highly recommend Dr Vories. Extremely professional and will explain everything to you. I also like that he does all the surgery, first removing from the donor area and then transplanting in. He does have an assistant who sits next to him during the procedure preparing all the grafts as he removes the hair first and then when he transplants. When looking for a Dr I found a lot of offices have techs doing parts of the procedure and not the Dr.

The initial numbing shots are a little painful, but only because we just do not have much between our scalp and noggin! It only last a few seconds and then all numbed up. Post procedure can be a little annoying. Fortunately I bought a decent, but basic recliner a few months ago and slept in that for the first two weeks. Just be VERY careful not to hit your head getting in/out of the car or anything else. For the most part I only used Tylenol the first two days and then Advil. I tried some Hydrocodobe, but it made me nauseous. When you start washing your hair on the third day, just be careful, gentle and slow. My scabs took 12 days to all come off.

I’m glad I made the plunge and glad I chose Dr Vories!!! Just do it!!

 by Lee Day
Phenomenal Job!

I’m sure you guys get this all the time, but I’m about 5 months out from my forelock restoration, and the results are better than I ever expected. Dr. Vories has done a phenomenal job. Thanks, Lee

 by Sandra Hinson
Great results

I had the procedure with Dr. Vories and opted for the 1500 FUE and was very pleased with the results. I am scheduled for a subsequent visit for additional units! If you have any hesitation, don't!

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