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Carolina Hair Surgery
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 58 reviews
by Reid Taylor on Carolina Hair Surgery
A cut way above

I had a previous hair restoration procedure performed at Bosley in Atlanta (where I used to live). Decided to do another one here and heard great things about Dr. Vories. But going in I was still thinking that all these places were probably the same... nothing could be further from the truth. Dr. Vories' expertise, surgical techniques (incredible pain management), client care and overall commitment to excellence are outstanding. But almost as importantly - when I freaked out like an idiot after bumping my head and called this man at 10:30pm - he was super cool, had me text him some pics and put my mind at complete ease. I apologized for the late night false alarm and he said... no big deal, feel free to call if you have any other problems. What a Doctor.

by KJ on Carolina Hair Surgery
Fast Healing!

Yeah I’m shocked how fast it’s healing.... you guys know what your doing....

by Irman Chaudhry on Carolina Hair Surgery
Knocked it out of the Park!

I couldn't be happier with my result, Dr. Vories really did knock it out of the park! He truly is a world class surgeon and I hope to be like you someday. I give you my highest recommendation possible and have told some friends about the quality of your work.

by Anonymous on Carolina Hair Surgery
Awesome Experience

I had an awesome experience with Dr Vories and his staff. Right from the start I was treated with great hospitality. I was very nervous before the procedure and I would say that the procedure was not at all painful. I would recommend Carolina Hair Surgery to everyone who is looking for a hair transplant. I am completely satisfied and would like to thank Dr Vories and the entire team.

by Robert Smith on Carolina Hair Surgery
Great Experience.

I had great experience, I was treated with comfort and hospitality throughout the whole day. I highly recommend this clinic to any person looking for an hair transplant. Thank you to the Charleston Carolina Hair Surgery team, and I am completely satisfied so far.

by John Rutledge on Carolina Hair Surgery

I've never had this procedure done before and I had a 2 day one coming...5000 grafts... everyone at the office was outstanding..Dr Vories is a professional and his staff was outstanding. I couldn't have asked for anymore. I want to thank everyone there that made this possible.

by John Conforti on Carolina Hair Surgery
Great Experience

I wanted to take a moment and relate what a fantastic experience I had with Dr. Vories. This was my second transplant and the first was done with Artas robotic. Dr. Vories was professional and fantastic. I was at ease the second I walked in the door. It was clear that Dr. Vories has done thousands of transplants and was a true expert. The process was complete in one day with a total of 2500 grafts. The first time I had this done it took two days to complete nearly the same number of grafts using Artas. The count was double checked by both Dr. Vories and the technician making sure I received what I paid for. They even went over the graft count. The anesthesia was not bad at all thanks to a vibration system Dr. Vories uses. I slept a fair amount during the procedure and watched movies most of the afternoon. I am two days post op and already have way less recovery pain than i had the first time. I have not required any pain medication other than some motrin and tylenol. The donor area is not raw and the recipient area looks great. Dr. Vories extraction and implantation technique were way faster than the robot. His punch size was small and I don't anticipate being able to see any scarring. I can't say enough what a true expert he is and I would recommend him to everyone who asks.

by John on Carolina Hair Surgery
How can we improve?

It was a great experience. Everyone was fantastic. Having had this done before I know what it can be. The procedure went off without a hitch, everything was fast and smooth, the anesthesia was as painless as possible, everyone was great, the movies helped and my instructions before and after were detailed and perfect. Dr. Vories and Mike were fantastic, I would recommend them to everyone. Thank you so much.

by Rodney D on Carolina Hair Surgery
Professional Hair Restoration from an Awesome physician and staff at affordable cost’s

I have had a few FUE procedures with Carolina Hair Surgery. The professional and courteous staff always make you feel comfortable during and after the procedure. I did a lot of research through consults in person and online with Hair Club for Men, Bosley and many other hair Restoration services. The thing that impressed me the most with Dr Vories is that he is very hard working towards the clients results. However he gives honest expectations according to amount of hair loss and the caliber of your hair. Most all the others promise you unreasonable or unrealistic results then offer you a hair unit or wig. Dr Vories however goes out of his way to get you your maximum coverage and results. The staff and doctor run a very tight ship where you always come first as the consumer. I’m so glad that I did my homework and found the best doctor and staff for my unique and challenging hair loss problem. The other thing that impressed me is that Dr Vories does all the procedures, no machines, no robots or handing you off to untrained personnel. I’m not a relative even though they treat me like family nor am I some close personal friends with anyone on staff. The truth is that I traveled a great distance to Carolina Hair Surgery to do my procedures and I’m very Satisfied with my results and the entire procedure. I can’t say enough about Dr Vories and his staff...

by RD on Carolina Hair Surgery
Special Thanks to staff...

Dr. Vories, I had a great experience. It was as pleasant as possible. Everyone was consistently asking to assure I was as as comfortable as possible.
Special thanks to staff...

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