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Carolina Hair Surgery
Average rating:  
 69 reviews
by Jaime Bean on Carolina Hair Surgery
Results Nothing Short of Great!

This was my 2nd transplant, I had my first with Bosley in NY several years ago. Not only was my overall experience better. The results have been nothing short of great! If you are considering hair transplantation you need to speak to Dr. Vories and his team.

by Jerry Mason on Carolina Hair Surgery
Excellent Experience and Doctor

Before the procedure, I was very nervous. Dr. Vories quickly put me to ease. After six months, we are very happy with the the results. Excellent experience, excellent doctor. Highly recommend. Wished I had done it sooner.

by Cole Richard on Carolina Hair Surgery
Best decision I ever made!

Without a doubt, one of the best decisions I’ve ever made was booking an appointment with Dr. Vories! As an actor, I had become very concerned about the balding that I had been experiencing and at a pretty progressive rate. Cameras and lights don’t take too kindly to that kinda stuff, and getting type cast was a worry of mine as well. It’s been exactly one year since my procedure, and while the camera may add ten pounds, it sure as hell don’t see a bald spot anymore! Seriously, stop procrastinating, take control and just get it done!!

by Felton Mckoy on Carolina Hair Surgery
Very Pleased

This is my fourth procedure with Dr. Vories and I can’t began to explain how once again I’m very pleased and satisfied with his successful work! All of my friends and family have given so much praise about how it’s made me look so much younger and most importantly no one and I mean not one person has said that they could tell that I had a hair procedure! Him and his entire staff are very nice and very understanding and knowledgeable to any questions or concerns you may have about the process and procedure! I would highly recommend to anyone who’s considering this procedure to not hesitate to give Dr. Vories office a call.

by Douglas McDaniel on Carolina Hair Surgery
I'm beyond happy

I am 15 weeks post op yesterday and today. I am beyond happy with my results thus far. I get compliments almost daily from my progress. Just yesterday, I was seen from a 2nd story office window and the person came down to parking lot where i was standing and talking to her father( my uncle) to tell me just how GOOD it looked from up there. I'm happy........I'll see lots of family member in a few weeks for the family Christmas Dinner, I've not seen some of them is 6 months so so....I wont look like Fabio YET....but i'm ON THE WAY. Thank you Dr. V and staff for the experience and my new hairs. I highly recommend you guys to everyone I talk too.

by K.R. on Carolina Hair Surgery
Get your confidence restored

Hi, everyone I wanted to leave a review for two reasons. One, I am so thankful for Dr. Vories! For years I was insecure after experiencing hair lost as a woman due to tight pony tails. The thought of the surgery had me so afraid. Then I decided it was time to take my life back. So I started reading reviews on this very same site and it gave me the motivation and the push I needed. When I arrived for my consultation , Mike was so warm and welcoming. You feel at home which is important because most likely most individuals are nervous. After meeting the doctor, he took his time to help me understand what I would need. I started to get a little nervous the day before the surgery. Mike who was on vacation, took the time out to assist me with my anxiety FROM VACATION. The day of my surgery, I was able to meet two other staff members. The young lady who washed my hair was SO warm. She made me feel so comfortable. That is so important when you are already nervous. The staff and Doctor makes everyone feel like family for the time you are there also the office is very private. The second reason I am leaving this review is to help someone like me. Someone who browsed the internet and watched you tube videos freaking themselves out. Stop watching!!! Every doc is not as experienced as Dr Vories. So, here is MY TRUTH it was WORTH IT!! As others have stated, the numbing is no fun BUT he using some type of vibration so it distracts you from the discomfort of the needle. Once you are numb you do not feel anything. He is great at making sure you will be comfy. Personally, because my implants was right by the ear, the sound was getting to me. Nothing bad or loud but because the room is quiet I could hear every little thing. He allowed me to put my ear phones INSIDE my ear. That can help you if you are like me and get weirded out by sounds. You will need to check with him first.. He is very fast with his hands. I could not believe how fast and painless the procedure was. Im 3 weeks post surgery. I did get swelling under my eye for 3 days but pain was not a major issue for me because I used my motrin every 6 hours. I stayed on top of my pain. in fact, I only needed the prescription pain pill once and that was because I forgot to take my motrin on time. I had a GREAT experience and I am so glad I did it. I want to encourage anyone who are reading these reviews to GO FOR IT!!! My confidence is where it use to be. I hope this helps someone!!! Take your life back!! Best regards...

by Ann Edwards on Carolina Hair Surgery
Absolutely Wonderful

Dr. Vories is a wonderful doctor. Any one considering hair surgery, he is the one to go to.  I am so happy with the  surgery he did for me. My hair looks great, All my friends want to know who I went to and of course I give them Dr. Vories card. He is absolutely the BEST!

by DM on Carolina Hair Surgery
4000 grafts

My experience with CHS and Dr. Vories and his staff was what I anticipated and more. I had done my homework, watching many videos on the procedure. I felt that I was well versed and prepared. Everything went as I thought it would and for that i was extremely happy. The staff, you guys and Miss VIcky, made for a pleasurable experience. The pain was minimal both during and afterwards. Right now I'm on day 6 post op. I've had very little swelling and have kept any discomfort to a minimum using Tylenol. I did use the Hydrocodone a few times in the beginning to stay on top of things. I"m a Happy Customer...and I would definitely recommend Dr. Vories and his staff. Thank you all and a well deserved 5 Stars.

by Aaron Davis on Carolina Hair Surgery
Great Experience!

Dr. Vories and staff did an unbelievable job from beginning to end. A truly first class experience that I would highly recommend to anyone who is considering the procedure. 5 stars!!!

by Alex Alexander - Google Review on Carolina Hair Surgery
Beautiful Job!

Dr. Vories did such a beautiful job on my brother Christopher's surgery a few years on my brothers surgery!!! (2013 I believe). I was my brothers ride to and from the FUE treatment. I cannot recommend Dr. VORIES highly enough!!!!! My brother is so successful in his career thanks to Dr. Vories!!!!! I would absolutely recommend going here because I have seen the surgical skills of leading experts Pak, Kabaker (My HL Surgeon - 2011) so trust me I know a good hair doc when I see one especially when my brother came out looking as stunning as he did and is still looking that good!!!! Thank you Dr. VORIES!!!!! =)

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