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Carolina Hair Surgery
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 126 reviews
 by KH
Thank You

Thank you! It's been my pleasure. Thank you for everything you have done for me.

Also, my barber, who referred me to you, has trusted relationships with his clients. After seeing my results and hearing about my experience, I am sure he will refer more people to you as well.

 by GBO
You Will Not Regret IT!

I had my first FUE to get my hairline back in April of 23 and very happy!! Yesterday I had another FUE to take care of the crown area. Dr Vories and his staff as usual are all first rate. Very professional without being standoff. Dr Vories will explain the entire process prior to the procedure and during it. He is more than happy to answer any questions you have. I think what I like most is, he does the entire procedure. No passing off to go start with another person. The Dr and staff are dedicated to YOU that day. They are there to make you happy in a relatively short amount of time when you look in the mirror. No unnecessary frills to drive up the cost either. At least just book a free consult, then go for it. You will not regret it.

 by Mohamed Hussain
6 months follow up

I had a 4000-graft transplant, and six months later, I look like a new person. I don’t know what anyone's personal worries are, but if you are truly looking for a hair transplant, then I feel absolutely comfortable in recommending Dr. Vories. If you’re looking for professionalism, cleanliness, and positive results, then he is your doctor. What more can I say? Obviously, nothing is 100% guaranteed, but if he says you’re an eligible client, then you are.

 by David
Legend in the game

I’ve had 4000 grafts in the year 2016 and 1100 grafts in the year 2023 from Dr. Vories and I couldn’t be happier with my choice. Pro all the way and my hair looks natural and really good.

 by Bernard Arnold

Very pleased… two procedures

 by George

Just went in for my 6 month follow up and I am happy. Would love to have one more treatment, but not sure I have enough hair or the money. Sigh…. But Dr Vories and his staff are excellent!! Don’t be fooled by others who have very expensive offices and bells & whistles that have nothing to do with getting your hairline back!! Also, Dr Vories does the entire process, not techs. At least make an appointment to talk to him.

 by DG
The Finale' : My 35 Year Hair Loss Journey Is Now : OVER !!!

Today was the final day of my hair transplantation journey after 35 years of hair loss treatment from over a dozen physicians over three decades . I walked out the door today and told Dr Vories... THIS IS THE FINALE' . I even had a couple of special request that was going to make my life a little easier post op because of my tight work schedule and he worked with me to make both of them happen. I will never forget that !! When I began my hair loss procedures way back in 1997 the strip procedures were all that we had back then and nothing like todays advancements in the tools used (Injector Implanters) and FUE techniques : Those little implanter pens look quite simple but when Dr Vories gets those FUE implanters in his hands just lay back and relax. No other physician that I had ever been to used the Implanter Pens so it was my first experience. It is a fine tuned machine between he and his technician get started . He does all the extraction and implantation and its all 1 on 1 with you and him while the technician carefully prepares the grafts to the Implanter Pens for him . (I actually fell asleep after he numbed the back of my head for extraction and I was laying face down while he was removing the grafts . Next thing I know he was saying " We are done with extraction "). My three hour drive back home got a little emotional when I started thinking back to the first day back in 1997 when I got 500 grafts and the guy told me ' You're going to look like Elvis'. What did I know then . (Not much but I do now and some doctors will tell you anything. Well I soon learned that 500 grafts didn't make me look like Elvis. ) Dr Vories is very detailed and upfront to confirm expectations and if its achievable . He gave me exactly what we discussed during our planning sessions . I had planned to have my hair loss completed to perfection by 55 y/o and Dr Vories has given me a 3 year head start at 52 . Thank you Dr Vories and The Vories Team !! The 35 year journey is now OVER and I'm going to enjoy every hair on my head !!

 by Hazen
Excellent Service and Results

Great results honest and always there if you have any questions

 by Duane B.

If you’re reading this, you’re likely here for the same reason I was: Hoping for transformation. Dr. Vories has empowered me with a new outlook on my life through transformation. All my adult life, I had been deeply insecure about the incomplete facial hair pattern I was genetically dealt with in life. Having believed that this was an unalterable flaw that I would have to live with for the duration of my life, it was difficult to make peace with it. The ugly reality of my patchy beard and bald chin for decades had caused me to run away from the harsh truth of camera eyes. Because this beard type is so often unfairly attributed to “bad genes,” I feel it affected my professional life when I was younger and even my private life. Having accepted my poor beard as it was, I’d often joke about it, saying that I have enough European blood to grow a beard, but enough Native American blood to ruin it. None of the Indigenous men in my family have been able to grow a beard.

After reading a feature about beard transplants, which I had never heard of before, I quickly gave serious thought to pursuing the hope of augmenting my beard. I was afraid that a procedure like this would be prohibitively expensive but was surprised at how affordable the procedure was. I devoted many hours of deep research into the topic of beard transplants, which led me to Carolina Hair Surgery and Dr. Vories. With a procedure like this being so serious, I was determined to find the best practice and most capable doctor to perform the procedure. I avoided clinics that were local to me for bad reviews and providers with questionable histories with the NC Medical Board. I traveled to Carolina Hair Surgery’s Ft. Mill, SC (just outside of Charlotte, NC) location. Having never had any sort of cosmetic procedure, I was unsure of what to expect. Dr. Vories' complimentary video consult was convenient and he gladly answered all my questions. My anxiety about the procedure gave way to confidence.

As others have written, Dr. Vories made the experience the best it could be. He is a friendly and professional man. I went in having all questions answered, all curiosities and reservations addressed. Entering this process with no surprises along the way felt like a gift. In this age of absolute uncertainty, this process was performed with the confidence of a mature man who is skilled in his craft; his years of dedication to this field clearly guided the procedure successfully. My post-procedure experience has gone exactly as Dr. Vories said it would; again, no surprises. The post-procedure discomfort lasted less than 24 hours and any sort of painkiller was not necessary. Seeing the pattern of how my new beard will appear makes me eager and hopeful for my future. This transformation is providing a degree of missing confidence that has affected me for so long. I know I made the right decision to have the procedure done and especially choosing Dr. Vories to be the one to do it.

 by Doug
Let there be hair

Very good work performed.

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