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FUE Hair Transplantation

FUE hair transplant is a very safe, minimally invasive, relatively minor procedure. With no visible scar. Dr. Michael Vories extracts and places every graft! Certified by the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery.

What our patients are saying!

“What a fantastic experience I had with Dr. Vories. This was my second transplant procedure, the first was done with the ARTAS robotic hair transplantsystem by another doctor. It was clear that Dr. Vories has done thousands of transplants and was a true expert. The process was completed in one day with a total of 2500 grafts! The first time I had this done, with another provider, it took two days to complete nearly the same number of grafts using ARTAS. Dr. Vories extraction and implantation technique were way faster than the robot. His punch size was small and I don’t anticipate being able to see any scarring. I can’t say enough what a true expert he is and I would recommend him to everyone who asks.” John Comforti

Board Certified Hair Surgeon, Michael Vories, MD performs FUE Hair Transplantation exclusively and personally places every hair graft to assure the best possible result.

Carolina Hair Surgery has surgical offices in the Charlotte, North Carolina and Charleston, South Carolina metropolitan areas. Our practice is solely committed to the surgical and medical treatment of male and female hair loss.

Dr. Michael Vories would like to encourage you to schedule a free comprehensive hair loss consultation. Only with the facts can you make an intelligent decision about your hair loss and its treatment.

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Over 5000 Grafts in a Single FUE Hair Transplant

“I contacted Carolina Hair Surgery after viewing many of his videos on YouTube. After a phone conversation and personal consultation, I had no doubt I wanted them to perform the procedure.”
-Johnny Casper- Louisville, KY

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Are Robotic & Automated Hair Transplant Systems Better?

2,500 FUE Hair Grafts – 6 Month Follow Up

Frontal Hair Restoration – 2,500 Grafts – 6 Months Post-Op

2,500 Hair Grafts to Restore Frontal Scalp & Hairline

4,000 FUE Grafts for Front and Crown in One Session

Curly Hair Hair Transplant