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Q: How do I get started?

We offer patients a complimentary consultation. This is the best way to find out how Follicular Unit Extraction will work for you. You may send an email to request an appointment or call (843) 884-1258 or toll free (800) 599-7762

Q: How much does the procedure cost?

Hair restoration surgery has become very affordable. The cost of each procedure varies with the extent of thinning area to be restored, and is determined by our physician during your consultation. A typical patient's restoration cost ranges between $5,000 and $15,000, with several financing options available.

Q: Is it necessary to shave my whole head for a FUE procedure?

Please understand we never shave a patients head bald because it would not allow the surgeon to extract any hair follicles.  we do trim the entire head and all hair completely, using a #1 guard (it looks like a short military style haircut), for several reasons.

  • It allows the surgeon to have access to ALL the donor area (back of the head) without depleting any one concentrated area.
  • In the recipient area (bald or thin areas) it gives Dr. Vories a clean field in which to place the extracted follicles without interference of the existing hair.
  • It also allows the surgeon to pack the follicles that much tighter without any obstruction.

On average hairs grows back at half an inch per month so it  is a short term issue for a permanent solution in regards to getting your hair back to normal.

Q: Does Carolina Hair Surgery offer Travel Reimbursement to Out-Of-Town Patients?

Yes, we do.

Carolina Hair Surgery is pleased to offer the following travel reimbursement program: for our patients who travel more than 100 miles to our clinic. CHS will reimburse actual travel expenses up to 5% of the surgical fees (with a maximum of $300). Please contact the clinic directly to discuss your travel arrangements. No other surgery discounts will be applied.

Q: Who will perform my initial consultation, procedure and follow up?

Dr. Michael W. Vories will meet with you -- or if you prefer-- you and your spouse for the initial consultation, which is complimentary. Together, you will discuss your expectations, a recommended course of action and a treatment plan. Carolina Hair Surgery does not use unlicensed technicians to extract or place FUE grafts. Our surgeons are involved at every stage of the process, including the two week follow up, six month follow-up, and one year follow-up to assess hair growth.

Q: Will my results look Pluggy?

Absolutely not. The "Pluggy / Baby Doll" look of methods used decades ago was caused by grouping large numbers of hair follicles and placing those groups some distance from each other. Follicular Unit Extraction, individually removes each follicle and then the surgeon precisely transplants individual hair follicles, which restores a soft, closely-spaced and natural looking hairline.

Q: What can I expect after the surgery?

Typically, the grafted hair begins growing immediately after the surgery. However, around 2 weeks post-op you can expect the grafted hair to begin shedding. Often when the scabs begin to shed there is often a hair or two imbedded in the scab. This is normal and part of the shedding process, and you can expect almost all the transplanted hair to shed.  The permanent hair growth does not begin until around the third month post-op. For hairline and frontal forelock cases the vast majority of the hair has begun to grow and gain some length at the six month post-op mark.

For crown or vertex cases there can be more of a delay in hair growth, and at the one year post-op mark most the crown hair has grown in.

Q: May I speak with past patients?

Yes. Simply call our office at 800-599-7762. We can also provide you a list of referral patients to speak with at a time of mutual convenience.