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Most people suffering from hair loss will encounter a wide variety of myths about both its cause and its cure. We want you to know the real story on hair loss and effective treatments so that you can decide whether surgical hair restoration is a viable option for you.

At Carolina Hair Surgery – Dr. Michael Vories performs Follicular Unit Extraction exclusively. With this advance hair restoration procedure thousands of hair follicles are removed from the scalp utilizing a mechanized device to make tiny incisions usually smaller than 1mm and then meticulously removing each follicular unit manually  to ensure no hairs are damaged and so no sutures or staples are needed at the end of the day.  With this method there is no linear donor scar, which is the case in FUT hair transplantation where a linear strip of hair bearing skin is removed and then stitched closed.

Professionals in the sports and performing arts community, including actors from film, television, and theater, have taken advantage of this technology.  These professionals count upon their appearance to maintain a successful career, which is why they have sought out Dr. Vories to perform their hair transplant.

Unlike many clinics, Dr. Vories performs all donor extractions and places all hair follicles on the scalp. The procedure is performed in both our Charlotte, NC and Charleston, SC surgery offices.

The Consultation

All consultations at Carolina Hair Surgery are complimentary and under no obligation. Consults consist of a detailed medical history and a thorough scalp examination where Dr. Vories will analyze your hair density, caliber and your possibility of hair loss over time.

During your consultation, you will learn all about the hair transplant process, including associated risks, and the results you can expect to see in the months following surgery.

Dr. Vories will provide you with documentation that summarizes your hair transplant design and the estimated timeline for any procedures. He will show you photos and videos of hair transplants he has performed on patients with similar hair and scalp characteristics to visually show you results you may expect.

Carolina Hair Surgery will also be happy to provide you with the names and phone numbers of many patients so that you can ask them about their transplant experiences and results.

If you decide that the procedure is for you, Dr. Vories’ staff will keep an accurate record of your results by taking “before” and “after” photos of your head and scalp from several angles, using the same lighting and background on each occasion in our photo lab.

The FUE Procedure

  • No linear donor scar
  • No sutures or staples
  • Hair must be clipped in order to access donor hair

The outpatient procedure is performed under a local anesthetic.  Patients usually experience some discomfort during the numbing process (takes about 30 seconds).  You will be sleepy during the procedure due to oral sleep medication, and most patients sleep about 50% of the day.  If you are awake, music or movies can be played to pass the time. The average procedure day takes six to eight hours to complete, and larger cases may take two consecutive days. Afterwards you’ll be given simple post-op instructions. Both the donor and recipient areas will be healed in one week, after which you can resume any type of physical work or exercise. Follow-up visits at two weeks, six months, and one year will be scheduled and are part of the surgery fee.

Once the transplanted hair grows in, you can cut color and style it any way you like. Dr. Vories assures all patients that hair growth will occur. His goal is to give you superior service and uncompromising quality in a caring, professional environment.