6 Month Hair Transplant & Medical Therapy Follow-up

This 49 year old male patient came to our offices primarily concerned about his hair loss in the front of his scalp. He wanted to re-establish his hairline with a natural recession for his age and to match his temporal recession. Dr. Vories transplanted 2000 grafts to his frontal forelock and hairline using the FUE hair extraction method. Dr. Vories also prescribed finasteride to help maintain his existing hair and possibly thicken his hair in the vertex. Upon the patients 6 month follow up, he exhibited excellent hair growth from the procedure and he had a positive response to finasteride which helped with hair growth in his vertex. Below are his before and 6 month post-op photos.

Top view before and 6 months after FUE hair surgery and initiation of finasteride medical therapy.

Crown or Vertext region before and after 6 month finasteride therapy and FUE transplant of the frontal region.